Best Internet Business Ideas – 6 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site Now

by on January 8, 2013

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In previous posts I’ve expounded on the notion that getting customers to your site is where the “rubber meets the road”. Even with the best internet business – where you have painstakingly developed the perfect product and offer – without any targeted visitors, you will simply not be making any sales.

In this post I’m going to discuss paid traffic sources. Specifically, 6 different ways where you can get targeted traffic to your website quickly so you can start making money online right away.

1) Google Adwords – This is probably the single best known paid advertising method. Also known as “pay per click” advertising, you create an ad with a link to your website that appears next to search results for specific terms or keywords that you specify. Whole books have been written on how to use Adwords efficiently, but really the most important factors that determine the traffic you’ll see are your maximum CPC (cost per click) bid, click through rate (CTR) and your quality score as that drives where your ad will be seen. Better CPC and QTS scores drive optimal positioning of your ad in the search results.

2) Bing Search Marketing – Although Google is the undisputed search king, Bing still manages to serve about 16% of all search traffic.  Although much lower than Google, it’s still worthwhile to check out their ad platform as there is typically less competition between marketers and lower ad costs as a result.  Some marketing surveys also suggest that Bing search ad conversion rates might actually be higher than Google. This equates to more bang for the buck.

3) Facebook Ads – The power of Facebook is the ability to market your ad to an extremely targeted set of potential customers from an incredibly vast pool.  (As of this writing Facebook boasts a base of 800 million active users.)  Since Facebook has knowledge of individual users, it’s possible to setup an ad campaign that targets people based on sex, age, location, hobbies, interests, etc.  This gives you the ability to write an ad that is extremely targeted toward the type of customer who would be most interested in your product or service.

4) Pay Per View Advertising or (Cost Per View) – with this type of advertising usually a network offers something of value such as software or a game. When a user downloads, they also agree to view relevant ads that the network chooses to show them.  Generally the ads show up as either a pop-up or a pop-under in a new browser window.  As an advertiser you bid on specific keywords that are matched to a relevant network ad offer.   If you’re interested in this form of advertising, Media Traffic is one of the most popular PPV companies.

5) Banner Advertising – Banner ads have been around almost as long as the internet itself, but there’s a reason why you still see them on websites…they work.  Banners are not only used to drive people to product offers, they’re also a great way to establish branding, usually a company name, product or logo. When used properly they can be highly effective. There are three different ways to get started with banner ads: You can exchange banner placements with another website owner, join a banner network like DoubleClick or BurstMedia, or join a banner exchange program such as LinkBuddies.

6) YouTube – YouTube sees over 800 million visitors per month.  No traffic discussion would be complete without mentioning how you can use YouTube to direct traffic to your internet business. Your videos can show up in Google search results just like a blog post or an article.  The idea is to come up with a clever video where people are directed to visit your site after viewing. You can include a link to your website in the video description and also the keywords that you’re targeting for search.

This is only a very short list of paid traffic offerings.  When striving to build the best internet business possible, why leave anything on the table? You should evaluate any and all traffic options available to increase your sales.  Free targeted traffic is obviously best, but it can take a long time for a new website to get established in search rankings.  By using paid traffic techniques you can quickly test your offers and potentially make money right away.

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