Best Internet Business Ideas – The Perfect “Offer”

by on November 15, 2012

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In my previous few posts I described the three essential elements of any online business system: product or service, offer and traffic.

In this post I will discuss what I believe are the secrets of any great “offer”, the strategies that can lead to the highest conversion rates convincing people make the leap to buy your product or service.
One of the most important strategies is to have a very clear “call to action”. When a person arrives at your sales page there should be content that is laser focused to making the sale. Here are the tried and true rules that define a great “Call to Action”:
1) Be Clear – This might seem obvious, but your content should tell the viewers exactly how to take the next step to buy your product or service.
2) Have Compelling Content – What you’re offering to your customers should clearly match what they desire. You should know your target market and why they’re visiting your site.
3) Make sure your offer is related to your content – Your site should be structured so that your compelling content (that delivered your target audience) matches an offer that solves their problem or meets their need.
4) “Click Here” – Your viewer shouldn’t even have to think about how to take action. Make the process to purchase your product easy and completely obvious.

The second most important step in designing a great offer is to knock down the barriers to purchase. If you’re looking to create the best internet business possible, make your offer irresistible.   Here are the key things you can do to help persuade a person to make the purchase leap:
1) Add Bonuses – “Wait there’s more…” I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase in every television infomercial, and the reason is that it works.  Give people what they perceive to be greater value.
2) Provide a Guarantee – The single best way is to offer a 100% refund if someone doesn’t like your product or service. Some marketers go over the top and even offer a 200% refund. This makes for a compelling offer for sure…
3) Give a Discount to Early Adopters – For the first few days that your product is released, provide an added discount, and then raise the price at a later date.  People love a bargain and this is a way of rewarding your early adopters.
4) Offer a Trial Period – If you have a membership site or a service that requires ongoing payments, do not charge for the first few. This allows people to sample your service. If you have a good product people will gladly pay the ongoing costs to be a member.

Hopefully this post helped to provide some insight into what makes a good offer when structuring the best internet business possible.  My next post will explore the secrets of traffic.

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