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by on November 27, 2012

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In the past few posts we discussed two of the three essential elements of any online business system: product and offer.  In this post I will discuss how to get traffic.  Getting visitors to your site is where the rubber meets the road, as you can have the perfect offer and product, but without traffic you will not be making any sales.

All traffic basically falls into two categories – free and paid.

The most obvious form of free traffic would be the legion of visitors who stumble upon your site as a result of search queries submitted to a search engine like Google.  This type of traffic is called “organic” and can be very effective way of making sales, as customers targeted based on search terms are looking for something very specific.

When creating the best internet business possible, you should strive to have the product or service on your site exactly match what people are searching for, as your conversion rates of visitors to sales will be excellent.

A number of factors play into getting a top results ranking in a search engine like Google.  Most importantly you need to know up front what search terms you want to target for your web site.  Once you decide on the search terms (or keywords) you should make sure that your site content frequently uses those terms.

Picking the right keywords is always balancing act between understanding the competition levels for those specific terms and the amount of people that are actually searching for them.  To help with this, there are some highly recommended software packages that can do the analysis for you.

Not knowing the competition and traffic volumes for a given term is an extreme handicap when trying to understand how profitable your site will ultimately be.  In this day and age there is no reason to guess how many visitors your site will get when you can use software for “what if” scenarios.

Once you determine your keywords, to get ranked in Google you will need “backlinks” or other sites that link to your site to establish your site’s authority on your topic.  The more backlinks you have from relevant web sites, the more authoritative Google believes your site is for a given topic. I’m not going to go into how to get backlinks here, as there are many excellent online courses available that go into great depth on this topic.

Now lets dive into the other side of the coin – paid traffic.

Paid traffic is exactly that – sending people to your site via a method where you are charged for each visitor.  This is typically done through ads and costs are usually either based on “clicks” or people who click on a link in your ad, or “impressions” where people are simply viewing your ad.

Typical ads would include Google Adwords or Adsense or the ads on Facebook pages. Each ad type has it’s advantages and disadvantages, and part of building the best internet business possible, is knowing which to use and for what purpose.

The single most important aspects of paid traffic is understanding your projected ad costs and and knowledge of what percentage of people driven to your site will actually convert to sales.  Just like with keyword analysis, there are excellent software packages available that can assist with projected ad costs as well.

A solid understanding of your ad costs and projected conversion rates is key to determining whether your offer is profitable enough to warrant paid traffic.

Just one final thought regarding free vs paid traffic.  Free traffic can take a long time to develop, but when done correctly can ultimately lead to higher conversion/profitability rates. With paid traffic you can begin to make sales immediately, but due diligence is needed to make sure that you will still be profitable given your ad costs.

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