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by on December 21, 2011

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The internet certainly has opened many new doors for commerce. Online businesses produce annual revenue sales of well into the billions of dollars. If you want to have your own personal niche in the world of internet, you are advised to look into online business systems designed to enhance customer purchasing. Keep one thing in mind, as customers can purchase a product from many sites, you want your shopping cart experience to be the best possible.

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There are many different factors that contribute to creating the best internet business. Among the most vital factors to the success of any ecommerce site would be the integration of open source ecommerce software into a commercial website. The reason such software plays a critical role in the success of a company is fairly obvious: customers need a reliable and user-friendly means of making their online purchases. If they cannot make a purchase quickly and effectively, you will likely find it difficult to retain customers as there is too much competition that is providing quality online business systems capable of providing for smoother and easier transactions.

There are certain criteria you need to examine no matter which shopping cart software you choose. Among the attributes you will want in your software are:

1) Ease of use and installation.
2) Customization capabilities
3) Provided support solutions
4) An affordable cost

Upgrades as new software innovations are developed

For those serious about acquiring some truly innovative and helpful online business systems and shopping cart programs, Zen Cart, Open Cart, and osCommerce might be among the best internet solution offers.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart prides itself in its user-friendliness. The designers realize most people do not have a deep understanding of IT so the software easy to install and equally easy to use. No matter what type of template your website employs, Zen Cart will work fine with it. Zen Cart is packed with features including multiple display mode and multiple sales and discount presentations. If you really want to capture the attention of a customer, features such as these will have great impact.

Zen Cart really shines in its ability to provide discount coupons, gift certificates, and quantity discounts. Customers look forward to acquiring deals and this is one of the best online business systems for facilitating them. Publishers even gain access to a newsletter manager which is excellent for helping craft great promotional materials. and discounts

Open Cart

Open Cart truly is a stunning open source shopping cart software as it is packed with tremendous features. For those seeking to present a very expansive online presence, this shopping cart solution might be the very best of the best. It offers unlimited categories, products, and manufacturers. It can accept many different currencies and is also offers product ratings. There are well over 20 payment gateways and over 8 shipping methods. If you really want to run the best internet business, this open cart can definitely help you do so thanks to the expansiveness of it.


For those seeking a quality cart software program that presents excellent basic features, osCommerce online business systems might prove to be the best open source solution available. It still is in the early design stage so it is far from a perfect product. However, it does have much value to it as evidenced by features it currently offers. The design and layout is crafted in such a way even a novice can put together a truly impressive visual display. Customers will find this very easy to use and the website publisher will find the many administrative support components such as automatic backup, order history storage and retrieval, separate support for shipped and downloaded products, and highly secure transactions all allow this software to be quite promising. Currently, osCommerce offers three language displays: English, German, and Spanish and this will probably expand in time.

All three of these shopping cart software online business systems have great value. For those that wish to build an effective ecommerce platform, weighing your options to install one of these programs is advised. Doing so could open doors for establishing a potential huge success in the online business world.

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